Hunters and Hunted, by Terry Spafford

Story name: Hunters and Hunted
Author: Terry Spafford

Date: 707 CR
Location: Metamor Valley


Sean uses his magic sight to track down the famously elusive Rickkter.


Sean is flying alone over the Keep in full eagle form; his teacher Electra is in a mages' meeting, and Saroth has left for his annual trip down south. As he gazes over the forest's natural aura, he notices the trace of a man-made spell. A closer inspection shows that the caster intended to mask their physical presence, but Sean's magic sense gives him a clear trail to follow.

The trail leads to a small camp of five Lutins, with Rickkter hiding in the bushes with a spell to avoid notice. As Sean wryly notes that he so quickly found the man who had eluded the scouts for so long, he distracts the Lutins by dive-bombing a rabbit. Rickkter kills the Lutins while Sean shifts back. Rickkter is surprised that Sean was able to follow him, and is unsure how to react when Sean reveals his magic sight. Sean takes off, realizing that he will be late for his lesson with Electra.


Main characters:

  • Sean: A young mage from Magdalain Island, and a golden eagle morph. He is still under Saroth's and Electra's tutelage. He rarely gets the chance to fly, as Electra keeps him busy.
  • Rickkter: A mercenary warrior-mage from the East, and a raccoon morph. He often goes on trips alone into the forest to practice his skills.


  • Electra: A mage at the Keep, an age regress.
  • Saroth: The Keep weather mage, a dragon morph, who is currently down south.

Story Connections

  • The year is not explicitly mentioned, but this story takes place during one of Saroth's trips to Mount Weagle.
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