General Humidity, by Cerulean

Story name: General Humidity
Author: Cerulean
Publication date: May 9, 1998 (on TSA-Talk)

Date: Late spring or summer, 706 CR
Location: Metamor Keep


Cerulean is lonely at the Keep, and tries to meet people.


One humid night, Cerulean decides to wander the Keep, rather than stay in his quarters as he does most nights. First he has a bad encounter with Michael. Then he eavesdrops on a royal story meeting before he realizes it is a private discussion between Thomas and a writer. He goes to Pascal's, but her lab is off-limits for the night.

He goes to the Deaf Mule. He hears two people discussing the creation of life, and almost joins before thinking better of arguing philosophy. He goes to the bar instead and asks for a whiskey. He doesn't drink, but he's been meaning to start. Donny has heard that same joke six times, and nonverbally says so. Cerulean sighs that everyone's got problems; when he remembers Donny can't speak, he tells him he does a good job.

Soon, Cerulean hears slow hopeful music from the hall outside. He drinks his cocoa. Although everyone seems troubled tonight, somehow he knows they will all work it out.


Main Characters:

  • Cerulean: A dragon morph who changes to a random morph every night.
    • His dragon form has blue scales and purple dorsal plates.
    • Tonight, his form is of a horse morph with his dragon scales and a purple mane. He wears a loose white toga, for when his other clothes don't fit.
    • Though respected for his service to the Keep, he never feels like he belongs.
    • His first guardian job was at the Oracle of the Sun. He lost it after debating philosophy.
    • He drinks hot cocoa with cinnamon.

Minor characters:

  • Donny: A bull morph, bartender of the Deaf Mule. He is effectively mute thanks to his curse, though he communicates well through body language.


  • Michael: A beaver morph with plaid coloring, still uncomfortable around the Keep. He passes Cerulean in the hall, rudely brushing him off.
  • Thomas: A horse morph, the Duke of Metamor. He is unhappy at his negative portrayal in a recent story.
  • A writer who is in a private meeting with Duke Thomas after having written a negative portrayal of him.
  • Pascal: A porcupine morph, the Keep alchemist. She dislikes having her experiments interrupted. Cerulean is unable to visit her tonight, for this reason. She, or another musician, is heard outside the Deaf Mule soon after Cerulean arrives.


  • Housingmont: An alchemist who once said that the act of observing something would change it. Cerulean thinks this a good metaphor for the Keep.


  • In Cerulean's experience, walking through Metamor Keep with no destination in mind will lead to nowhere in particular.
  • Cerulean stores his clothes in one corner of his quarters. There is a smaller door leading to the castle.


  • Donny is mute here, though he is not mute in canon, but prefers not to speak.
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