Fur-brained, by Magus

Story name: Fur-brained
Author: Magus
Publication date: November 24, 1997 (on TSA-List)

Date: unknown
Location: Metamor Keep (Magus's quarters)


Magus has trouble managing his spells.


As Pascal is walking by Magus's workstation, Magus creates an explosion. Pascal quickly points out the mistake he made, and Magus asks if she knows anyone who could be an assistant, so that he can get books from the library. Before Pascal can answer, Magus is distracted by a possible solution and returns to his study. Five minutes later, he creates another explosion in front of a different passerby.


  • Magus's quarters are messy, filled with scrolls and books.


Main Characters:

  • Magus: A powerful wizard of the Keep. He is not allowed in the library, as Fox is afraid that he will set it on fire.
  • Pascal: The Keep alchemist. She is very amicable towards Magus and his work.

Important mention:

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