For Knowledge's Sake, by Christopher Hughes

Story name: For Knowledge's Sake
Author: Christopher Hughes
Publication date: November 24, 1997 (on TSA-List)

Date: unknown
Location: Metamor Keep


Chris explains his joy of learning.


Chris is annoyed that dawn is obscuring the star he is observing, and is surprised that Wanderer has been standing beside him for the past half-hour to announce breakfast. As they head to the Deaf Mule, Wanderer asks why he is so interested in magic if he never practices spells or alchemy. Chris explains that as a child he'd always wanted to be a spellcaster, but couldn't handle spellcraft or alchemy. But he has discovered a love of learning, and a love of teaching.

While they eat, Pascal appears in the doorway, still cindered from her last experiment. Referencing an earlier bet that he would drive Pascal insane by studying her experiments, Chris takes Wanderer up on it.


Main Characters: Wanderer, Christopher

Cameos: Donnie, Pascal

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