Forever, by English

Story name: Forever
Authors: English

Date: Unknown
Location: Tintagel, Metamor Valley, Metamor Keep


In a sunny glade in the kingdom of Tintagel, Andrew and Juliana become engaged to each other. Andrew's mentor Galanus appears to continue Andrew's training to be the king's fire mage. As Juliana walks home, Andrew's best friend Chris takes her to the castle, where the king is delivering a speech to the village. The villagers are angry that the king is raising taxes to pay for a recent war; a man next to Juliana throws rotten vegetables at the king. Mistaking her for the culprit, the king orders her arrested for treason. Chris tells her to go north to the one place where the king has banned the people of Tintagel from visiting: Metamor Keep.

Three months later, Andrew is appointed fire mage and assigned his first task: to bring Juliana back to the kingdom. When Andrew refuses, the king calls for his arrest, and Andrew escapes. Chris tells Andrew where Juliana went, and he sets out on a two week journey. Just before he gets there, a wolf knocks him to the ground, knocking his head on a rock. The Keepers chase off the wolf and carry him inside as he passes out.

He awakes one week later in the dark, where a woman is trying to make him leave. He fetches a torch and sees that she is a tiger morph; he recognizes her eyes as Juliana's. She sees golden fur growing on his arm and realizes it is too late. He is happy to be reunited with her, and they rest together.

Later in the day, the change has advanced enough that Andrew can see he is becoming a lion. Outside, he sees a mage from Tintagel arguing with the guards. Fetching his staff, Andrew confronts the mage, whose name is Deamon. He declares that he has come to challenge him. In the open field outside the Keep, Andrew defeats Deamon and orders him to leave. Juliana embraces him, and they head back inside together.


Main Characters:

  • Andrew: An eighteen-year-old fire mage from Tintagel. He wields a knife and a staff tipped with a fire diamond, which was Tintagel's only source of fire magic. He becomes a lion morph at the end.
  • Juliana: Andrew's fiance. She is falsely accused of treason and has been living at the Keep for three months when Andrew arrives. She has become a tiger morph.


  • Chris: Andrew's best friend, and also a good friend of Juliana. He stays in Tintagel and helps his friends flee.
  • Master Galanus: The previous fire mage of Tintagel. He mentors Andrew until he is ready to take over.
  • Deamon: A wind mage from Tintagel. He travels to Metamor Keep to challenge him to a fight, but he loses and returns to Tintagel.
  • The king of Tintagel: A rash and spiteful king who is quick to accuse Juliana and Andrew of treachery.
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