Fool for a Day, by Devon Erthshade

Story name: Fool for a Day
Author: Devon Erthshade
Publication date: December 7, 1997 (on TSA-Talk)

Date: Unknown
Location: Metamor Keep


Michael is played the fool by court jester Devon.


Michael is lost trying to find Charles's room in the Keep, until a small coyote runs into him. Changing back to his morphic form, the coyote introduces himself as Devon Alexander Erthshade1. He offers Michael a suggestion on how to get to Charles: since the Keep is constantly rearranging itself towards where a person wishes to go, all he needs to do is stand perfectly still and wish himself to Charles's room, and it will appear.

While Devon dashes off (as he wishes to stay in the same place), Michael waits in the hallway. Copernicus comes up and asks what he's doing. He quickly realizes Michael was the target of another of Devon the court jester's pranks. He doesn't lie, but often doesn't give the full truth. He explains another of Devon's pranks2 to Michael as they walk off in one direction, and in the opposite direction, Charles leaves carrying a pile of scrolls.


Main Characters: Michael, Devon, Copernicus

Cameo: Matthias

Mentioned: Redtailed

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