False Winds, by Charles Matthias

Story name: False Winds
Author: Charles Matthias

Date: The first day of the Summer Solstice Festival, 706 CR
Location: Metamor Keep


Charles and Yonson share a tense conversation on the balcony. Gornul is injured by a fallen brick.


Charles wakes up to find Garigan singing to his clothes laid out around him. Garigan is embarrassed by what he is doing, but Charles commends his progress, that he is starting to learn the Song of the Sondeck, a song that comes to all Sondeckis to relax and calm themselves. Charles gets himself dressed and returns to find Garigan fallen asleep.

Charles goes to the balcony in anticipation of the first day of the festival and his joust. Yonson joins him, still awestruck by the Keep's beauty, and engages Charles in friendly conversation. Charles is still fearful that Yonson is an enemy, and irritated that Yonson is nothing but polite to him. He apologizes for his coldness, and Yonson assures him that once proof arrives of the exorcism, he can start his diplomatic work in earnest. Charles asks him questions about Marzac, his reasons for coming, and his anticipation for the Festival. Yonson has been invited to join the Duke in his booth to watch the games, and he is very excited.

Gornul emerges from a tower and is greeted by Charles, at the exact same time that a sudden gust of wind knocks loose a brick from the roof, striking Gornul on his tail. Charles rushes off with Gornul to Brian Coe, Yonson following behind him. Neither of them sees Zhypar hiding behind the tower. Brian Coe gives Gornul a bandage to wear for a day or two, and Charles pays on his behalf. Yonson departs for breakfast with the Duke, while Charles and Gornul head to Kimberly's quarters. Charles tells Gornul not to trust Yonson and to stay away from him.


Main characters:

  • Charles Matthias: A rat morph, Headmaster of the Writer's Guild, and a Sondecki. He distrusts Marzac and Yonson. Touching Yonson will reveal to him that he is a Sondecki, and thus an enemy of Marzac.


  • Yonson: The diplomat from the Chateau Marzac to Metamor Keep. He arrived only yesterday, and has been offered to sit with Duke Thomas during the games.
    • Before leaving for the Keep, he stayed at Marzac for a few years.
  • Gornul: A blue dragonette. He is injured on the tail, and will wear it for the next couple days.

Minor characters:

  • Garigan: A ferret morph, and a Sondecki pupil of Charles's.
    • He is singing a jarbled version of the Song of the Sondecki to his clothes.
  • Brian Coe: The Keep healer.


  • Zhypar: A kangaroo morph. He and Charles used to be friends, but have become distant towards each other. He hides behind a pillar while Charles and Yonson are talking.

Important mention:

  • Mark van Sciver: A diplomat from Metamor Keep, presumed dead during his mission to the Chateau Marzac.
  • Misha: The head of the Long Scouts.
  • Rickkter: A former Kankoran assassin, now a raccoon morph. Charles does not like him, but he plans to warn him later today about Yonson.



  • Marzac is a small narrow province on the southwestern coast of the continent, surrounded by ocean. It is potentially a strong trade hub between the seas and the southlands. The land inward is mostly swampland and forest.

Story Connections

  • This story takes place the day after and is directly influenced by Diplomacy.
    • During the events, it is suggested that Hough write to the Patriarch, and expect a letter back within a few weeks to verify the exorcism of Marzac.

Points of Interest

  • The Song of the Sondeck is a song innate to Sondeckis, even when they don't know the words. To Sondeckis, it calms the fiercest of rages, and can even put them to sleep. It is common for pupils to sing to their Sondecki insignia when trying to sleep.
  • Many Weathermongers enjoy the sunrise, some saying that they can use it to tell what the day will be like.
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