Evening Stroll, by Charles Matthias

Story name: Evening Stroll
Author: Charles Matthias
Publication date: January 26, 1998

Date: Spring 706 CR, 2 weeks before Easter
Location: Metamor Keep


Matthias goes for a walk with Kimberly.


It is a couple days after the accident with Sir Saulius. Matthias is one ball away from beating the undefeated Copernicus at pool. His shot is ruined when Michael bumps Matthias's arm with his chair, losing the game for him. Michael is horrified, but Matthias accepts defeat. He prepares to leave, when Copernicus tells him to say hello to Kimberly. Matthias is embarrassed that his relationship is now public.

Matthias returns to his room, cleans himself off, and dresses himself in his green hose and doublet. He picks up a jar with a freshly cut rose, his special chew stick from Phil, and some love poems he'd written. Kimberly is delighted when she receives the rose, and even more delighted and he invites her for an evening stroll.

Kimberly is very animated as they walk by the gardens, which eases Matthias's worries. On a small hill that overlooks the outer walls, they sit on a pile of rocks beneath the apple trees and watch the sun set. As the torchbearers light torches along the Keep's walls, Matthias offers to share his chewing stick with her. They gaze into each other's torchlit eyes as they chew.

As the stars shine overhead, Matthias caps off their perfect evening by pulling out his love poetry and reading to her.


Main Characters: Matthias, Kimberly

Supporting: Copernicus, Michael

Mentioned: Dr Channing

Points of Interest

  • Michael's changes have progressed slightly since the last time he was seen; his ears are more rounded with fur on them, and his chest is now covered in fur.
  • Kimberly's room has a fireplace; Matthias's room does not.
  • One of the lightbearers is a ferret.
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