Especially Disappointed, by Charles Matthias

Story name: Especially Disappointed
Author: Charles Matthias
Date: Spring 706 CR, 2 weeks before Easter


The day after Evening Stroll, Kimberly reflects on her feelings.


Kimberly wakes up early in the morning, not sure what to feel about the evening last night. She is happy that Charles makes her feel special, but she cannot understand how Charles could love her as a rat. She walks back through the gardens, and onto the rock where they watched the sunset, still in turmoil. She wishes she could leave the keep, but it would mean leaving the only person who cares for her.

Her confusion turns into panic, and she races to Charles's room, begging him to open up. When he doesn't answer, she collapses in grief, thinking that she's been abandoned. A short while later, Charles returns from his morning routine and asks Kimberly what's wrong. Kimberly embraces him, grateful that he really does care about her.


Main Characters: Kimberly

Supporting: Matthias

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