Errands and Editors, by Charles Matthias

Story name: Errands and Editors
Author: Charles Matthias

Date: Holy Wednesday, 706 CR
Location: Metamor Keep


Matthias sorts through the stories for the festival with the headmasters, visits the bakery, and presses the Steward for a dinner invitation.


The three Writer's Guild headmasters sort through the story submissions for the story contest in the upcoming Equinox—Easter festival. It is approaching noon. Matthias decides to take a break to get some errands done.

He stops by Gregor's bakery to buy some bread, where he learns the baker has taken a new apprentice. He then visits Thalberg the Steward to get an invitation for Kimberly to the Duke's dinner on Saturday. Thalberg says that there is no room, but Matthias convinces him that the two of them are small enough to fit in one space.

Matthias returns to the Writer's Guild, where they finally select the winners. Exhausted, the three headmasters head to the Deaf Mule, where Copernicus and Michael are playing pool, and Tallis, Zhypar, and Nahum are watching. Matthias wishes that Father Hough, the Follower Priest from the nearest diocese, had arrived. He also realizes he needs to buy Kimberly a dress.


Main Characters: Matthias

Supporting: Phil, Channing, Gregor, Brennar, Thalberg

Cameo: Copernicus, Zhypar, Nahum, Tallis, Michael

Mentioned: Longman, Vernon, Scratch, Fox, Hough

Points of Interest

  • Nahum was close to winning, but his manuscript had been written too carelessly, letting the wet ink stick the pages together.
  • Longman is a writer who continually ignores Phil's advice.
  • Vernon is the candlestick maker.
  • The reason Gregor overcharges him is because of his always helping Matthias with "charity cases", in particular with a tiger friend a few days ago. He is referring to Scratch, a recent arrival at the Keep.
  • Brennar is a black-and-white tabby cat morph. He only started a week ago. His bread is so far too hard in Gregor's eyes, but Gregor is intrigued by a carnivore that wishes to bake.
  • Thalberg is a crocodile morph with green scales and a pale yellow underbelly. He often goes without clothes, except for a steward's bandoleer. Here, he eats fish whole, picking the bones out.
  • On the western side of the castle is a beautiful garden. A promenade hangs above it, linking the castle gate to the inner towers.
  • Channing does not usually go to the Deaf Mule, so his acceptance surprises Matthias.
  • Matthias invites Michael to their daily Follower services, but he does not respond.
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