Equinox Arriveth, by Charles Matthias

Story name: Equinox Arriveth
Author: Charles Matthias

Date: Good Friday (the Equinox), 706 CR
Location: Metamor Keep


Matthias takes Kimberly through the shops in the festival.


Main Characters: Matthias, Kimberly

Supporting: Hector

Cameo: Brennar

Mentioned: Pascal, Raven, Nahum, Zhypar, Gregor


On the morning of Good Friday, Matthias tidies himself up and invites Kimberly to accompany him to the festival. After being briefly disrupted by a bee at the Ivy Causeway, they enter the fields where the pavilions are set up. At the baker's booth, Gregor has gone back to bake bread and left Brennar to tend it. Brennar and Kimberly introduce themselves, and Matthias and Kimberly buy some day-old bread.

Kimberly is excited to see the craftsmen, and Matthias hopes to see Hector there. They find him, fresh and cleaned-up, at a stand with a variety of woods available. Kimberly begs Matthias for a sculpture, and Matthias promises Hector to pay him back. Kimberly is amazed by the quality of the work. Kimberly eagerly asks to put it in her room.

Points of Interest

  • It is interesting to note that Matthias cannot immediately recall a gendermorph or pedomorph that he is friends with; he considers Father Hough the last human friend he has.
  • Pascal explained one aspect of the Curse: the effects of staying at the Keep are not cumulative and wear off if the Curse has not activated.
  • It was a difficult choice for Matthias to come to the Keep, but necessity drove him, and the chance to live right solidified it.
  • It is a windy day on Good Friday. Saroth has mentioned that the weather should be good for the festival.
  • Matthias has not broken any furniture in the past two weeks.
  • There is an elephant morph who does glassworks, and has made a model of the Keep itself.
  • There is no specific place of worship for the Followers, so a large hall is being set up for the Death of Yahshua.
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