Entertaining Thoughts Of Eucharist, by Charles Matthias

Story name: Entertaining Thoughts of Eucharist
Author: Charles Matthias

Date: Good Friday, 706 CR
Location: Metamor Keep


Matthias reflects upon what being a Follower means to him, as he and Kimberly partake of the Good Friday Eucharist.


Matthias and Kimberly are watching the swordsmanship contest with Dr Channing, although Channing is more interested in the weather, and Matthias finds the fighting distasteful. He avoids thinking about the Duke and the world of politics, and thinks about the fateful day that Yahshua died. As he relives it in his mind, and watches his own savior being killed, he is shaken out of it by Kimberly.

As he thinks about how beautiful Kimberly is, Matthias suddenly notices that Zhypar is in the contest, fighting against a ferret. Zhypar manages to win with a few injuries while the ferret limps to Coe's tent.

When Matthias mentions that they'll be going to the Eucharist, Kimberly is confused, and Matthias suddenly realizes that she is not a Follower. He is relieved to hear that she is of the Way, and overjoyed to hear that she would be happy to attend the Good Friday Service.

At the Service, they see Saulius, Tallis, Nahum, Zhypar, and Misha attending. Despite Kimberly's discomfort, she and the other attendees are enraptured by Father Hough's sermon. Kimberly is astonished to hear the true meaning of the Eucharist from him, and what his sacrifice meant. Matthias is moved to tears as, in the spirit of "Do this in Remembrance of Me", he remembers the Last Supper, as he takes the body and blood of Yahshua, noticing that Hough has also just experienced similar emotions.


Main Characters: Matthias, Kimberly

Supporting: Zhypar, Hough

Cameo: Channing, Thomas, Thalberg, Posti, Tallis, Elliot, Coe

Mentioned: Raven, Saulius, Julian, Goldmark, Hector

Points of Interest

  • Saulius has not joined the swordsmanship contest, as he apparently is still sore from the events of Facing Knight. Although Tallis and Elliot are watching the contest, Hector is still working his booth, Julian was apparently too shy to attend, and Goldmark is conspicuously absent.
  • Duke Thomas and the Prime Minister have rarely been seen apart.
  • Rumors that the Writer's Guild will lose its funding have been circulating for a while, but have never come true.
  • Chrysostom was a speaker famed for his eloquent sermons, to which Matthias compares Hough's. Whether he is an historical or a contemporary figure is not given.
  • The names of Yahshua, St Yahnous, Kepha, and Yahudos Eskeros take clear inspiration from their Christian counterparts. In one instance, the name "Jesus" is used.
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