Encounter in the Market, by Dan D'Alimonte

Story name: Encounter in the Market
Author: Dan D'Alimonte

Date: Unknown
Location: Metamor Keep


A beggar stops and talks to a young man in the market.


This story is told entirely through the dialogue of one character, a child morph who is begging in the market, speaking to a caravan driver who was passing him several times. The child morph shares the story of his past and who he is now. It is late in the afternoon, however, and the driver has to leave, but not before giving the beggar a bronze piece. The beggar recommends that he visit the memorial for the fallen soldiers of Metamor Keep, as it is a beautiful place to stop and watch the sun set. He asks him to visit him again to hear the tale of the black knights of Telenad.


Main characters:

  • The beggar: A child morph. He is 49 years old, and will be 50 around the summer festival. He used to be a laborer, but the curse gave him the body of a 12-year-old boy. He now works as an errand boy and a guide, and sometimes tells stories from the past. He refuses to take charity from the Duke, preferring to earn it himself.
  • The caravan driver: An untransformed visitor to the Keep. He is referred to as a "young man" by the beggar. He finds caravan driving to be boring work.


Points of Interest

  • The marketplace is outside the Inner Keep.
  • The cenotype to the fallen soldiers of Metamor is on the west side of the Inner Keep, with a good view of the sun to the west.
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