Duke Of Metamor? by Chris O'Kane

Story name: Duke of Metamor?
Author: Chris O'Kane


After slaying the Duke Thomas, can Misha defeat his only rival to the throne of Metamor?


Misha has just decapitated Duke Thomas. Before he can celebrate, a wolverine morph named Andre approaches with a longsword, eager to take the title of Duke of Metamor for himself. Misha is exhausted, but he swings his axe, which Andre easily dodges. Andre quickly responds by giving Misha a deep wound in the chest, possibly puncturing a lung. Misha draws a shortsword and fights him in combat, finally hitting Andre in the shoulder. Misha taunts him, but Andre lunges, thrusting his sword into Misha's heart.

These events, however, are all imaginary: Andre and Misha are actually in the Deaf Mule, playing a board game called Coup De Tate. Andre celebrates his victory by having Misha pay for the drinks from a confused waitress. Misha assures her that they would never kill the Duke for real.


Main characters:

  • Misha: An axe-wielding hero. He apparently kills the Duke and fights Andre. In actuality, they are playing a board game, "Coup De Tate".
  • Andre: A wolverine morph. He is apparently Misha's rival to the dukedom. In actuality, he is Misha's friend, playing a board game.


  • Sally: A waitress at the Deaf Mule.


  • Thomas: The Duke of Metamor Keep.
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