Coyote Delivers, by KeeCoyote

Story name: Coyote Delivers
Author: KeeCoyote
Publication date: December 2, 1997 (on TSA-List)

Date: unknown
Location: Metamor Keep


Kee rushes through the halls to deliver a message to Bryan. He takes the key hanging from a pendant on his neck and recites a short phrase, and a hallway opens to just outside Bryan's door. Bryan is working on some kind of device when Kee arrives to deliver a scroll. As he runs off, he reads that his next scroll is for Magus, on the other side of the Keep. He sighs and uses his key again.


Main Characters: Kee

Cameo: Bryan

Mentioned: Magus

Points of Interest

  • Kee's key is explained further in Long Beneath the Keep.
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