Confession, by Christopher Hughes

Story name: Confession
Author: Christopher Hughes
Publication date: January 26, 1998 (on TSA-List)

Date: Spring 706 CR, 2 weeks before Easter
Location: Metamor Keep


Late at night, Chris consoles Matthias after the events of Facing Knight.


Chris has been working late into the evening at the library. In the courtyard, he is surprised that Matthias is up at this hour. Matthias's mind is on Saulius, who was injured that morning. He says he lost control for the first time in five years, but doesn't wish to discuss it further.

Chris asks if Matthias has been to confession lately, as it might help to put his fears into Eli's hands. Matthias asks where can he go, as Midland is a two days' ride. Chris suggests that, although Raven is not a Follower, she understands the faith well, and might still be in the chapel saying benedictions. Matthias is disturbed at not getting a proper Follower shriving, but decides it's the best he has at hand, and thanks Chris for his advice.

Chris tells Matthias that he will always be free to talk to him, and they part ways. Chris wonders about Matthias's past before dozing off.


Main Characters: Chris, Matthias

Mentioned: Dr Channing, Wanderer, Brian Coe, Raven

Points of Interest

  • A retroactive error: the moon is in crescent phase here. A couple of days later in Evening Stroll, it is a full moon.
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