Clothing, by Charles Matthias

Story name: Clothing
Author: Charles Matthias

Date: late May 706, CR
Location: eastern Metamor Valley, near Mount Gascon


Michael is still embarassed by his fur colors, but Lindsey teaches him how to accept it.


The timber crew is marching through the snow-covered forest in the mountains, dressed in plaid, except for Michael, who wears an extra shirt to cover his plaid fur. Michael and Lindsey are in one group, chopping down a tree. Michael soon overheats, and Tathom orders him to take off his shirt, to his embarrassment.

As they delimb the tree, Lindsey senses that Michael is uncomfortable with his fur color. He points out that, since he chose to drink Pascal's potion, he has nobody to blame but himself. Michael is angry that the other timbermen have been wearing plaid shirts to mock him, which Lindsey says is actually a show of support. Just because there are things that Michael doesn't want, doesn't mean he can't live with it.

Lindsey hands back Michael's shirt, making him promise not to hide who he is anymore.


Main characters:

  • Michael: A beaver morph and timber man. He has plaid fur coloring and yellow skin, the result of Pascal's experiment. Tathom has assigned him to use the axe to build up his strength and avoid another accident like in Battling a Tree.
  • Lindsey: A male gendermorph. Despite his boast of masculinity in Admissions and Applications, he admits that he never wanted to be a man. He accepts it as everyone else must accept their own changes.

Minor characters:

  • Tathom: A bull morph and head of the lumber crews.

Important mention:

  • Pascal: Michael's former lover, who changed Michael's fur color in Colors.


  • Mount Gascon is the tallest mountain in leagues from Metamor Keep. It is surrounded on all sides by walls of ice; streams on its western face feed into the Metamor River. It was named after the Metamorian who disappeared while attempting to climb it, almost 100 years ago.
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