Christening, by Chris O'Kane

Story name: Christening
Author: Chris O'Kane

Date: Just after A Long Patrol
Location: Metamor Keep


Caroline is officially welcomed into the Long Scouts.


As Metamor Keep comes into view, the six scouts are met by a patrol led by Andre. Misha dismisses the other four scouts and swaps stories with Andre about their adventures, and the upcoming summer festival.

As Misha and Caroline pass through the gates, Misha points out the "murder holes" on the ceiling through which hot oil can be poured on attackers. Caroline looks down just in time to see Misha running away, as freezing cold water falls through and drenches her. This is the way that every Long Scout has been initiated. The other Long Scouts emerge from hiding, laughing and congratulating her, as they walk back to her father's shop.

Caroline embraces her father, who is confused to why she is soaking wet.


Main characters:

  • Misha: A Long Scout.
  • Caroline: An otter morph and the newest member of the Long Scouts.

Minor characters:

  • Andre: Misha's friend. He is currently learning cavalry training for the joust at the summer festival.
  • Will Hardy: Caroline's father, a badger morph, and a jeweler.


  • Craig, Danielle, Lisa, Georgette: The four patrol members who met Misha and Caroline. Craig is a prairie dog morph, Danielle is a pine marten morph, Lisa is an age regress, and Georgette is a female gendermorph.

Important mention:

  • Jennifer: Andre's wife, a wolverine morph and a teacher at the Keep.


  • Saulius: A rat morph competing in the Summer Solstice's joust.
  • Phil: The Keep's head of intelligence.
  • Furlin: A lieutenant for Nasoj, recently killed by Misha and Caroline on patrol.

Points of Interest

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