Cat and Mouse, by Dan D'Alimonte

Story name: Cat and Mouse
Author: Dan D'Alimonte

Date: Unknown
Location: Unknown (a reception hall)


A cat chases a mouse when they are supposed to be doing chores.


In an empty reception hall, a mouse discovers a crust of bread on the floor. As it takes the bread, a cat pounces, sliding across the stone floor while the mouse bolts for the serving table. The cat pounces again, and the mouse realizes it can't reach the table in time, so it scurries under an armchair in the corner. The cat watches and waits from outside, until it decides to wedge itself between the chair and the wall and howl as loud as it can. Fear takes over in the mouse, and it runs away, but the mouse quickly leaps over the chair and pounces atop the mouse. But rather than eat the mouse, the cat begins grooming the mouse.

An old woman named Jeffery enters the room, wondering what the commotion is. She addresses the cat and mouse as Janice and Peter, and tells them to stop playing games and make themselves presentable. The two walk out and re-emerge dressed and in morph form. She tells them to finish preparing the room for the reception tonight, and then work in the scullery afterwards as punishment for fooling around.

When she leaves, Janice and Peter exchange some playful banter as they get back to work. In the utility closet, Peter eats the bread he left there.


  • Janice: A cat morph child. She wears a simple brown dress. She usually catches Peter in their games, though Peter claims she just gets lucky.
  • Peter: A mouse morph child. He wears shorts and a plain jerkin. He sometimes gets away from Janice, though Janice claims he just got lucky.
  • Jeffery: An old female gendermorph. She is in charge of Janice and Peter, and is said to have a "sour face". She thinks the children shouldn't be messing around with shifting.
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