Casting, by Charles Matthias

Story name: Casting
Author: Charles Matthias

Date: late-May 706, CR
Location: Metamor Keep (the Deaf Mule)


As Oren learns to play pool, Matthias takes Zhypar aside for a mysterious discussion.


Oren and Copernicus play a game of pool in the Deaf Mule as Zhypar, Nahum, and Tallis watch. Oren gets a couple good shots, but Copernicus quickly clears the board. Charles arrives from the Writer's Guild Hall with Gornul, who had fallen asleep. Charles takes Zhypar aside while Oren and Copernicus finish their game. Nahum and Tallis discuss recent events that have led to Phil and Charles being too busy with work.

Nahum expresses curiosity about what Zhypar and Charles are discussing in the corner. Gornul sends images of what he hears to Oren, but no one else: images of a blue glyph, a black-robed rat with heraldry, and twin thrones of animals. Charles rejoins the group and asks what they were discussing. Tallis asks if they could help Charles with his work, to which he happily agrees.


Main characters:

  • Oren: A newcomer to the Keep, a half-otter man cursed by Hipoccian magic.

Supporting characters:

  • Copernicus: A lizard morph who is an exceptional pool player.
  • Zhypar Habakkuk: A kangaroo morph, and guild writer. Charles shares his secret with him.
  • Charles Matthias: A rat morph, and headmaster of the Writer's Guild. He is very overworked
  • Gornul: A small telepathic dragon with exceptional hearing, and Oren's friend. He is a member of the Writer's Guild. He is the only other person to overhear Charles's and Zhypar's conversation.

Minor characters:

  • Nahum: A fox morph, a writer, and one of Zhypar's friends.
  • Tallis: A rat morph, a writer, and one of Zhypar's friends. Tallis offers that he and Nahum help Charles with his writing duties.


  • Phil: A rabbit morph, and headmaster of the Writer's Guild, who sometimes goes feral and has difficulty with his writing duties.
  • Channing: A goose morph, and headmaster of the Writer's Guild.
  • Duke Thomas: Ruler of Metamor Keep.

Points of Interest

  • When the Writer's Guild was first set up, Duke Thomas had to insist on Charles sharing headmaster responsibilities with Channing and Phil.
  • The glyph likely refers to the runes Loriod traced in the dungeons, the rat to himself as a Sondecki, and the twin thrones to the animals of Mad Felix's prophecy. Charles is catching Zhypar up with the events of Keeping the Lamp Lit.
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