Bonds, by Charles Matthias

Story name: Bonds
Author: Charles Matthias

Date: mid-May, 706 CR
Location: Metamor Keep


The rats sit together in the morning while Hector carves them out of wood.


Hector is the first to wake up this day. He sits in the hallway outside the rats' rooms and begins gnawing a block of wood into a sculpture. Elliot joins him, and the two begin talking the recent events with Michael and Saulius. Goldmark then joins them, and Hector goes back to his sculpture as Elliot and Goldmark chat.

Saulius arrives as the two are discussing the upcoming Gnawers' Meeting. Julian arrives as the topic of jousting at the Summer Festival comes up. Goldmark suggests to Saulius to try, and although Saulius is unsure, he decides to consider it. They watch as Hector finishes his sculpture: the five of them as a group.

To everyone's surprise, Julian proposes they get breakfast at the Mule, which they decide to do, Hector carrying his finished sculpture.


Main characters:

  • Hector: A sculptor and rat morph. He wears a brown tunic.
    • Hector decided to go out drinking last night, instead of staying in the cellars. He visited Michael, but he was out.


  • Elliot: A rat morph with a bright red patch. He wears a cheap brown tunic similar to Hector's. He doesn't use a chewstick like the other rats. Because of his growing incisors, he has a slight lisp.
  • Saulius: A rat morph who fancies himself a knight. He has recently changed his coat of arms from a proudly-standing eagle to a similarly-posed rat.
  • Goldmark: A rat morph who often prefers being a rat. No one understands his motives.
  • Julian: A rat morph who is quiet and keeps to himself.

Important mention:

  • Charles Matthias: A rat morph who often visits the rats, and is currently away on patrol.
  • Bryan: A cobra morph who lives in the cellars, on the opposite side of the Keep as the rats.


  • Benedict: A mouse who gave the rats a bouquet of flowers at the last Gnawers' Meeting.
  • Pascal: The alchemist who gave Elliot his patch, and has recently fallen out with Michael.
  • Michael: A timber man, who has recently recovered from his injury in Battling a Tree.
  • Brian Coe: The raccoon physician.


  • Hector's room is much the same as in Escaping, but with a recently purchased rug, the only nice thing he owns.

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