Birth, by Jack the Lizard

Name: Birth
Author: Jack the Lizard
Publication date: December 29, 2014

Date: March 2 - 22, 707 CR
Location: Metamor Valley, Metamor Keep


James suffers an injury, and is forced to remain in Metamor Keep.


James is travelling with his father Leontes and several retainers to Metamor Keep. His father scolds him for not keeping a dignified pose, but James doesn't like riding and is nervous about visiting a cursed valley. As evening falls, James practices swordfighting with Nemo. After dinner, Muffin visits James, and they talk about Metamor Keep. She is excited about seeing the cursed people, but James is uneasy.

The next morning, Leontes explains to his son what they can learn from Metamor Keep, the power of tolerance and showing no favoritism to unite disparate groups. James leaves in disgust at being a "modern man". He passes Nemo, who asks him what he wants instead. James heads to the woods to be alone, thinking of these words as he stands on the edge of a log over a ravine.

He awakes, finding himself in the doorway of an all-white chamber with a table filled with an uncountable number of crystal figurines. Standing opposite at another doorway is a figure covered completely in ragged clothing, holding a flute, who addresses James as Jack. James looks through the figurines, until he finds one of a frill-necked lizard man. The ragman confirms that it is his, and he is here because the ragman wished to meet him, and they'll talk again "before the unpleasantness".

James wakes up being tended to by Copernicus and Brian Coe, and assumes he is being kidnapped. He attacks Copernicus, but is too weak to do any damage. They attempt to introduce themselves, but James demands to know where his family is. On hearing that they left him to be tended to, he demands to be out of the room. Coe offers Copernicus to give James a tour, to Copernicus's dismay. Though James is impressed with the Keep, he haughtily remarks that he will be glad to leave, and Copernicus asks him to feel around his eyes. Small scales have formed there and around his nose, and his eyes have turned golden. James collapses in horror.

After four days, his family returns. James has been spending the days in a stupor. The scales have spread across his face, and onto his right arm. Upon seeing James, Leontes goes into a short panic, Muffin is in awe, and Nemo is happy. Muffin tries in vain to comfort him, and give him his falconry glove. Leontes then tells James that he will tell Isenport that his son has died on the journey. Nemo stays with the devastated James, as they watch his family leave.


Main characters:

  • James: Son of the lord of Isenport. He rides a horse named Holofernes, and has a red-tailed hawk named Ulysses.


  • Leontes: Lord of Isenport, from the House of Dorothea. An ambitious man who wishes to project power and dignity, and sees his son as an extension of himself.
  • Nemo: James's man and glaive fighter. He has a military build with green eyes. His short black hair is gray at the temples. He is clean shaven, unusual for a man like him. He carries a glaive named Qual, which he claims is a runic weapon. He visited Metamor before the Curse, and found the residents nice. He named James's horse and hawk.
  • Muffin: James's betrothed. "Muffin" is merely a pet name, as James cannot remember her real name. She is massive with blonde curly hair. She comes from a wealthy merchant family. Their marriage was arranged by Leontes, who believes the money will bring them power. James has little real interest in her.


  • The ragman in James's vision. He wears a massive coat, hat, gloves and scarf, all ragged. He plays a flute that's out-of-tune, and commands an alabaster room with crystal figurines.
  • Copernicus: A Court lizard. He gives James a very short tour before James discovers he has been cursed.
  • Coe: The Keep healer.
  • James's step-mother. She is present at the encounter with James.
  • A blue lizard who takes a long look at James during his meeting with his family.


  • Praetextatus Aegidius: Emperor of the Sathmore Empire.
  • James's brother. He is at home in Isenport.

Points of interest

  • The other two figurines James finds are a worried-looking fox and a child with a crack on its neck and a pointy stick.
    • James notices many of the figurines have cracks over the eyes or the ears.
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