Battling a Tree, by Charles Matthias

Story name: Battling a Tree
Author: Charles Matthias

Date: May, 706 CR
Location: Metamor Valley forests, Metamor Keep


Michael takes his anger out on a tree, and nearly loses his life.


Michael is frustrated by the recent events of his life: first becoming a beaver, then falling for Pascal, then taking a potion that changed his fur to a plaid color, and finally the rest of the timber crew wearing plaid shirts that mock him. Michael has wandered off from the crew into the woods to be alone with his thoughts, but his anger continues to boil. He pounds a nearby tree and then tears through it with his teeth until his anger finally passes.

Satisfied and ready to return, Michael suddenly hears the tree snap as it tips over. He rolls over just as the tree crushes him against the snowbank. Dizzy, bleeding, and barely able to breathe, he manages to push the tree onto his legs. Unable to scream, he waits in the snow for rescue, and thinks of Lindsey and Pascal.

Michael hears people coming and cries out for them, but they are Lutins. Just before they can grab him, the timber crew attack and save him. Lindsey calls for someone to help him move the tree. A few moments after he is freed, Michael passes out.

He awakes in his own room, with Tathom, Lindsey, and Brian Coe waiting there. Coe tells him how lucky he is to be alive. A Lutin attack had kept Tathom's team from finding him earlier. Lindsey apologizes that his shirt caused Michael so much offense. Pascal is coming, but Lindsey offers to share his drink with him. As he drinks, Michael hopes that Pascal can change his fur back.


Main characters:

  • Michael: A timberman and a beaver morph. A tree falls on him, breaking two of his and bruising his legs.

Minor characters:

  • Lindsey: A timberman and Michael's friend. He leads a team to find and rescue Michael, and is at his bedside when he awakens.


Important mention:

  • Pascal: The Keep alchemist and Michael's lover.


  • Scratch: Michael's rival for Pascal.
  • Raven: The Keep Lightbringer.

Story Connections

  • This story elaborates on an event mentioned offhand in Colors.
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