Awake, by Charles Matthias

Story name: Awake
Author: Charles Matthias

Date: April 14, 706 CR
Location: Metamor Keep dungeons


Michael visits Charles in the dungeon, after the events of Attacking Cossack.


It has been two days since Charles attacked the Duke, and Michael finally has time to visit him in the dungeon. Charles does not recognize him, as he hasn't seen him since Easter. Michael talks about what he's been doing lately. After an uneasy silence, Michael asks how true the rumors are. Charles is darkly amused by how extreme the rumors have gotten, claiming that he killed guards and destroyed Posti's most powerful spells.

Michael tries to cheer up Charles, but Charles is too morose, muttering about how he is only good for killing. Michael tries to think of something to say, and reflects on what Charles's friendship means to him. Remembering something that Charles's friends told him, Michael tells Charles to try seeing it as an opportunity to see the outside world and share those moments with Kimberly, and release his tension. Charles is quiet, and tells him he will think about it. He asks to be alone, and thanks Michael. Michael leaves and looks forward to visiting Pascal.


Main characters:

  • Michael: A newcomer to the Keep, a timberman, and Charles's friend. As a beaver morph, his sight has gotten worse for long distances and in the dark.


  • Charles Matthias: The Headmaster of the Writer's Guild. He is being held until the next Gnawer's Meeting next week.

Important Mention:

  • Zhypar Habakkuk: One of the first to hear about the attack on the Duke, who relayed it to Michael.
  • Lindsey: A timberman and friend of Michael. He heard the news from Zhypar and relayed it Michael. Michael enjoys drinking contests with him.
  • Pascal: Michael's lover.


  • Tathom: Chief of the timber crews. He has softened up on Michael since Arduous Tasks.
  • Magus: A wizard of the Keep. He has enchanted the cell to bind him.
  • Tallis: One of the trio of Charles's friends, with Zhypar and Nahum.
  • Kimberly: Charles's beloved.
  • Posti: The wizard whose spells Charles somehow overcame.
  • Duke Thomas: The Duke of Metamor Keep.
  • Scratch: The "overbearing tiger" who Michael often sees around Pascal.
  • Nahum: Part of the trio of Charles's friends, with Zhypar and Tallis.

Story Connections

  • The events of Arduous Tasks were indeed a test, as Tathom has been much nicer to him since.
  • The special occasion Michael mentions with Pascal is probably none of the events depicted in Colors, but something similar.
  • Michael was told to see his curse as an opportunity in Applications and Admissions.

Points of Interest

  • There is a female guard watching the dungeons, instead of Roscoe.
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