Alchemy by Pascal Q Porcupine

Story name: Alchemy
Author: Pascal Q. Porcupine
Special note:: Takes place a few months after the Battle of the Three Gates


Main Characters: Pascal and Mil

Main points

  • Pascal carries a torch into a dimly-lit cave, met by Mil, a gray squirrel of nonbinary gender
    • Pascal revealed to be capable of changing her height and coloration
    • Pascal and Mil discuss Keep business — Copernicus wants lead-to-gold alchemy research sped up, and a wizard needs to be taught
    • Mil is revealed to be an artist, but is hesitant to join the court
  • Pascal presents a morph ring to Mil
    • Mil transforms into a skunk
    • Pascal suggests Mil try out another form, with a wink, but Mil opts to transform back
    • Mil opens her eyes midway through, and is turned into glowing living amber
  • Pascal leaves to help set up a Van deGraaf generator, as the wizard can't figure out a more efficient free-space generator
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