Alchemy, by Pascal Q. Porcupine

Story name: Alchemy
Author: Pascal Q. Porcupine
Publication date: November 24, 1997 (on TSA-Talk)

Date: A few months after the Battle of the Three Gates1
Location: A cave in Metamor Valley


Pascal visits a friend in a cave, and shares her morph ring with them.


A hunched-over figure in a red robe carries a candle into a dimly-lit cave, and is formally met by a gray squirrel of nonbinary gender. The figure, Pascal, takes off her robe and stands up straight, having enjoyed pretending to be so mysterious. The squirrel, whose name is Mil, embraces Pascal, and the two make small talk on Mil's couch.

Pascal then gives Mil a present: a morph ring, which is gold and embedded with a sapphire. Pascal has already loaded it with forms that Mil would enjoy. Mil closes hir eyes and focuses, and after the ring shifts hir features with an amber glow, sie becomes an anthro skunk. After admiring hirself in hir mirror, Mil decides to change back, but opens hir eyes too soon, leaving hir fixed with amber skin. Pascal assures hir that it's only temporary, until sie uses the morph ring again.

Pascal leaves to help one of the Keep's wizards set up a Van deGraaf generator. After one last kiss, she picks up her robe, and closes the door behind her.


Main Characters:

  • Pascal: A Keep alchemist with a fondness for theatrics and playfulness. She is a porcupine morph with maroon-, purple-, and magenta-splotched fur with zebra stripes on her quills.
  • Mil: A cave-dwelling recluse, unknown to the rest of the Keep. Mil's gender is neither male nor female; Mil goes by "sie" and "hir". Sie is a gray-furred flying squirrel morph with amber horns and amber-colored eyes. Pascal believes hir to be a great artist.

Important Mention:

  • Copernicus: A lizard morph from the Keep. He wants Pascal to learn how to turn lead into gold.

Points of Interest

  • In this story and in Potion, Copernicus is referred to as a Lord.
  • This is the first appearance of the morph ring.
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