Admissions and Applications, by Charles Matthias

Story name: Admissions and Applications
Author: Charles Matthias
Publication date: March 21, 1998 (on TSA-List)

Date: Tuesday after Easter, 706 CR
Location: Metamor Keep, Deaf Mule, Lindsey's house


Michael finally presents himself to his friends, and looks for a job.


It is Tuesday afternoon, two days after Easter. Michael has stayed in his room since then, and his changes have advanced significantly, leaving him almost finished. Although he does not want to leave, he knows he can't hide from his friends or his responsibilities. He leaves for the Deaf Mule, uncomfortable about the stares he gets. He is disappointed that Copernicus and Matthias are not there, but joins Zhypar, Nahum, and Tallis at the table. They explain that their two friends left the day before for some unknown reason. As Michael opens up about his fear of being a beaver, Zhypar offers him to think of it as an opportunity.

Suddenly, Mark arrives, disappointed that he missed Copernicus. He tells the group about his plans to travel to the Chateau Marzac, with a stop at Ellcaran for a week, which will last three months in total. He makes Michael's acquaintance, and takes his leave.

The other three ask Michael about what job he's looking for. Zhypar suggests something physical, and mentions that he has a friend who works on the timber crews. Michael is interested, and the two of them leave to go visit; along the way, Zhypar shares some of his experiences with his change.

They arrive at Lindsey's house, and Michael is a bit intimidated by his stature. Lindsey eagerly invites them in for some drinks, and asks Michael to prove his suitability for the timber crews by bringing him his sword off the wall. Michael balks at first by the sword's size, but cleverly finds a way to carry the sword by wrapping it in the bearskin rug. Lindsey laughs and welcomes him to the timber crews.


  • Chateau Marzac: It is located at the southern border of the continent, about a month's ride from Metamor Keep by horseback, where the Sea of Stars connects with the Great Sea of the South. They have shown interest in Metamor Keep's literature, and want to initiate trade relations.
  • Lindsey's house: A small building made from square gray bricks. Inside, a fireplace sits in one corner, with a woodpile beside it, and weapons lining the wall next to it. There is no furniture besides the pantry and a thick bearskin rug in the middle. A door blocked off with a black and red curtain is on one wall, presumably a bedroom.


Main Characters:

  • Michael: A newly-transformed beaver morph. A new muzzle has taken away most of what remains of his human face. His eyes have changed from blue to brown, and his ears have fully changed. His legs have shrunk, and his tail is too big to hide in his pants.


  • Lindsey: A imposing male gender morph. He has broad chest, thick arms and hands, long red hair and a thick braided red beard. He has a loud booming laugh, acts very good-tempered and boisterous and brusque, and enjoys rough-housing and arm wrestling.
  • Zhypar: A kangaroo morph, one of the "three misfits". Michael likes him the most of the three.
  • Mark van Sciver: A child morph and diplomat for the Duke Thomas.


  • Nahum: A fox morph, one of the "three misfits". Michael finds him too excitable to really get too friendly with him.
  • Tallis: A rat morph, one of the "three misfits". Michael finds him friendly, though too passive and


  • Thalberg: The Stewart of the Keep. He has informed Michael of the need to find employment and pay taxes for his residence.
  • Matthias: Michael's friend. He left the day before1 for an unknown reason.
  • Copernicus: Michael's friend and fellow pool player. He left with Matthias.
  • Prime Minister Bob: He assigns Mark his next assignment to the Chateau Marzac.
  • Duke Thomas: Ruler of Metamor Keep.
  • Raven: The Lightbringer.

Points of Interest

  • Michael has been doing odd jobs for the past few weeks. Presumably this includes the job he sought at the Deaf Mule from Patrol.
  • On Wednesday, Lindsey and Michael plan to visit the blacksmith for armor and a sword. On Thursday, Michael will begin his first day on the timber crews (seen in Arduous Tasks).
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