A Small Repair, by Chris O'Kane

Story name: A Small Repair
Author: Chris O'Kane

Date: Holy Thursday, 706 CR1
Location: Metamor Keep (Chris's room), Makatore


Misha reveals some hidden talents as he repairs Matthias's music box.


Misha is taking a break from writing his report when Matthias enters with a broken music box; William the jeweler sent him. Misha leads Matthias into his workshop, and Matthias is impressed with the models of war machines and a pendulum clock. He examines the box, and suspects that it was just dropped and jarred a gear out of alignment. He invites Matthias to get some wine from the chest; when he returns, Matthias is curious why he has so much food as well.

Misha tells Matthias that 18 years ago, he was working catapults for the city Makatore when it was besieged. After several months, food ran out, and people began starving to death. After the duke surrendered, the enemy siege engineer Grimaldi found Misha and brought him back to health. The many models around the workroom were demonstrations to Grimaldi of his talent. Ever since then, he's always kept a supply of food handy. He also explains that he stopped being an engineer because too much of it was strenuous work, boredom, or struggling with sickness.

Matthias is impressed by this side of Misha, since the usual talk is about his axe. Misha says his Grandpa's axe is just another tool; he's prouder of his machines than he is with combat. When Matthias sees a cross, Misha explains that he is a Protestant and prays in private. Matthias invites him to a service that Father Hough will be giving.

Misha completes the music box, and decides to visit a service, as he's been alone too long. As Matthias walks away, Misha decides against returning to the reports, and heads out to the Deaf Mule.


Main Characters: Misha, Matthias

Mentioned: Phil, Nasoj, William, Grimaldi, Hough

Points of Interest

  • Misha mentions spending 20 days in the north hunting Lutins, and writing his report for Phil; although not mentioned by name, this is the earliest indication of the Long Scouts.
  • Nasoj is rebuilding his army for another siege.
  • Misha has been making models since he was 20.
  • Misha has a stone that glows to at least two different levels of brightness, used for close work.
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