A New Season, by Dan D'Alimonte

Story name: A New Season
Author: Dan D'Alimonte
Publication date: February 10, 1998

Date: Spring 706 CR
Location: Metamor Keep courtyard


Dan tends to his friend Laracin, who has been transformed into a Tamarack morph.


Main Characters: Dan, Laracin


Laracin was a soldier at the Battle of the Three Gates, and had been uniquely transformed into a larch tree at the center of the Keep's courtyard. Fortunately he quickly adapted to the change, and now spends his time in deep thought, often talking to Dan in great debates of philosophy, politics, and physics. During the autumn and winter, he becomes lethargic and distracted, and eventually dormant.

Spring is arriving in Metamor Keep, and the buds on Laracin's branches are turning green. Dan goes to the courtyard and waits for his friend to awaken once more. He feels a presence in the courtyard growing in strength, until it bursts open. In a voice that seems to come from all around the tree, Laracin bids "good spring" to Dan, and they share their winter experiences with each other.

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