A Little Diddy, by Oren the Otter

Story name: A Little Diddy
Author: Oren the Otter
Publication date: November 5, 1998 (on TSA-List)

Date: Summer 706 CR
Location: A hill outside Metamor Keep


As he builds a tower, Oren sings a song to himself that might be prophetic.


As Phil grazes outside the Keep, he watches as Oren hauls a cart full of stones up a hill and begins constructing a large circular structure. Oren sings to himself a song from his childhood in Hippoc. The first couple stanzas describe a child-like warrior whose fate changes because of a drink, who wanders to "the castle on the hill". Phil points out Oren is described very well in the song, which nonplusses Oren.

Full Song

In times that shall come 'round once more
came a child-like warrior

orphan boy of mean estate
drink a drop and change your fate

wander now to where you will
to the castle on the hill

seek ye there the ones who chew
with their secrets, one and two.

Ask your riddle, play your game
share with them your special name

secrets two and secrets none
now are three and three are one

sand and flame and zero score
quoth the child-like warrior

add to three another two:
painting-mind and heart-is-true

all return to evil's shore
with the child-like warrior

darkest times shall come again
evil that was one is twain

by the rising of the sun
so shall darkness be undone

Go back again when all is still
to the castle on the hill

sing and play and have your fluff
time will come 'round soon enough.


Main Characters:

  • Oren: A new arrival from the land of Hippoc. He transformed into an otter morph after drinking from the forbidden magic pool near his village. He occasionally makes animal noises when he speaks. It is unknown what effect the Keep's curse will have on him.
  • Phil: A rabbit morph from Metamor Keep.
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