A Day In The Life, by Jack the Lizard

Name: A Day in the Life
Author: Jack the Lizard
Publication date: July 5, 2015

Date: March 26, 707 CR
Location: Keeptown (Market Square, Watch House, Janelle's home)


Janelle spends a day on patrol, discovering someone else with her special ability.


Janelle, a sailfin lizard morph, has a recurring nightmare where she is running towards the exit of a cave, but is held back by the voices of those whom she has left to die. She awakens, careful not to disturb her son Kaysar, and prepares herself for the day.

She is a corporal for the Watch, but she also has a special psychic ability to feel souls around her and draw them. By feeling the emotions of a crowd, she is able to stop the robbery of an okapi woman as it is happening. But the okapi woman is not grateful; she is angry that the Watch did not help the other three times she was robbed. Her insults of the Watch stick with Janelle for the rest of the day.

Janelle takes the weasel robber to the Watch House, and receives her patrol assignment from Tibble, to patrol the market square with Remmie. Remmie tries asking about Janelle's personal life, but she refuses to say. At the market, Remmie buys a box of bullaces, to Janelle's chagrin. Another woman comes over to sell them gaudy trinkets, and again Remmie is easily swayed.

Janelle chides Remmie for not being suspicious enough of others, but Remmie is too optimistic. A colugo woman asks for their help; flashes of purple light are coming on the upper floor of her shop. Despite the risk, Janelle and Remmie head upstairs and confront an aye-aye morph, gleeful and mad with power. Both Wardens notice the book is harmless, so Janelle shuts the book and ties him up, to Remmie's awe.

While Remmie takes her lunch break, Janelle visits Marnie, a pangolin in considerable anguish over her curse, who lives with her gendermorphed brother Roddy. Janelle Taps into Marnie's mind, and sees Roddy physically assault her. Janelle tries to persuade her to let go of her distress and leave Roddy, but Marnie insists that she is happier here. She admits that Roddy has been saying that he'll leave, and she's afraid of being alone.

After lunch, Janelle goes on patrol with Bantry at the city square. As a bull man passes carrying lumber, she suddenly feels someone Tapping her mind very hard. In confusion, she watches the bull leave, as Bantry starts talking with a man with orange scales wearing a skirt. The man doesn't like being bet on what animal he's becoming and insulted at not being treated like royalty, and storms off before Janelle can Tap him.

At the end of her shift, Remmie tries to invite her to the Deaf Mule and to join the Fellowship of the Egg, to which Janelle replies that she has never enjoyed the Deaf Mule, and that she has already been banned from the Fellowship until May. She had gotten into a fight after one of the members, a crocodile, had called her son a milksucker, and she insisted on being given a two year ban for her outburst.

Janelle sees the okapi woman from earlier and asks how she's doing. Though initially distrustful, she apologizes for her diatribe, and offers a free apple. Janelle suddenly feels a spirit attacking her mind and falls to the ground. She lets the spirit in just enough to see his memories, and in horror, she leaves the concerned okapi and rushes to Marnie's house.

Marnie wants her to come back later as she's trying to clean up, but Janelle insists, finding broken furniture and spilled wine and a bleeding body. Marnie matter-of-factly explains that she was upset that he was leaving, and she decided to stand up for herself, as Janelle told her, by hitting Roddy with an iron until he stopped moving. She compliments Janelle on being a good warden to arrest her, and asks if she can change her dress.

Janelle brings her into the station, and returns home to her son Kaysar and his nanny Mrs Aubrah. As Janelle has dinner and asks Kaysar to get the checkers set, she and Aubrah talk about her day, about arresting a friend who means no harm to anyone, and what it means to administer justice. Aubrah leaves for the night, and Janelle and Kaysar play checkers.

As Janelle tucks Kaysar into bed, she tells him a story of a princess who finds and takes in a lost child, while thinking to herself the story of how she found Kaysar. After he falls asleep, she writes her daily journal entry. Sensing that she is now alone, she reads a book written by her old master, Mr Sotto, on how to find new channelers, and resolves to find the bull who Tapped her mind.

Janelle's Abilities

Janelle has a special ability to feel both living and deceased spirits, and draw them towards her own spirit, or hers to theirs. The best explanation that Janelle can give is that her soul is partially unstuck from her body. People with this ability in general are known as Channelers. This manifests itself in different ways:

  • Tapping: Janelle can reach out and feel the thoughts in a person's mind. When done lightly, this is called Tapping, and is barely felt by the person being Tapped. If she probes harder, she can access deeper and more concealed thoughts, but the person will feel it more.
  • Channeling or Reaching: Janelle can reach out and feel for any spirits in an object.

Janelle is not the only Channeler; however, it is a very rare ability, and she does currently not know of any other Channelers at the Keep.


Main characters:

  • Janelle: A corporal for the Watch, a sailfin lizard morph. As a human, she had red hair and blue eyes. She has the special ability to Channel spirits and Tap minds of living people, reading their thoughts. She is cold and impersonal when on patrol. She wears a key around her neck that unlocks the box that holds her teacher's notes.
  • Remmie: A warden for the Watch, a blue-spotted orange gecko morph. She is frequently Janelle's partner on patrol. She has been in Metamor for a bit over a year, and volunteered for the Watch after the Winter Assault. She has been training under Janelle since then, and became a warden in January.


  • Marnie: A friend of Janelle and a pangolin morph. She is physically and emotionally abused by her brother Roddy.
  • Bantry: A Warden and a female gendermorph, although he continues to use male pronouns and dress like a man. He has a gambling problem.
  • Kaysar: Janelle's adopted son. Four years ago in April she found him in a box beside a well. After taking him in, the curse changed him in spite of his age into a spotted civet morph.
  • Mrs Aubrah: Kaysar's former wetnurse and current nanny, a binturong morph.


  • Ian: A soldier that Janelle passes in the Watch House.
  • Sergeant Tibble: Janelle's superior, a boar morph. A scar leads from his tattered left ear to his broken left tusk. He manages the paperwork for the Watch House.
  • James: A newcomer to the Keep, still in mid-shift into some kind of lizard. He has an encounter with Janelle and Bantry that is described in greater detail in Values.
  • Roddy: Marnie's brother, a male gendermorph. He had blond hair and pale blue eyes. He has a history of assaulting Marnie physically and emotionally. He is murdered by Marnie at the end of the day, and his spirit alerts Janelle to his death.
  • Mr. Sotto: Janelle's former teacher. He had the same magical abilities she did, and trained her when she was a child. Decades ago, he wrote a book containing all of his life knowledge.
  • An okapi woman who sells apples. She wears a belted brown dress. She has been robbed three times before, and is bitter at the Watch for not stopping it. Her harsh words stick with Janelle throughout the whole day.
  • A weasel thief in a gray cloak, who is imprisoned for attempted robbery of the okapi woman, and is transferred to the Watch HQ that night.* An ox who sells bullaces to Remmie. He has black fur, a gray head, and long horns. He wears a loose green tunic over tight gray pants.
  • A pale bony woman with wispy gray hair, brown eyes, and brown teeth. She wears a dark brown cloak and sells overpriced trinkets.
  • A black-haired man who considers buying leather.
  • A yellow-furred dingo in a green cloak who nearly steals from the leather customer.
  • A colugo who runs a cobbler's shop. She is massively built, with a loose dirty linen cloak and a cloth tied to her head.
  • An aye-aye who got drunk the night before and woke up with a mysterious book. His brief delusion of grandeur is stopped by Janelle.
  • A maned wolf who purposely bumps into Janelle.
  • A bull carrying lumber, who Janelle believes is an untrained Channeler who unconsciously Reached out with his mind.


  • Charles Matthias: A resident who visits the Keep rats who hide out of sight. Janelle once Tapped him; his selflessness changed her outlook on the Keep.
  • Misha Brightleaf: A Long Scout whom Janelle had visited briefly. She found him quite alluring.
  • Emily: The Perch-holder of the Fellowship of the Egg. She did not want to punish Janelle for the fight with the crocodile.
  • A rat morph who once slipped out of prison. Because of this, the cells have iron mesh instead of bars.
  • A crocodile who called Janelle's son a milk-sucker at a Perch meeting, and got into a fight with her.

Points of interest

  • Janelle's home is on the second floor of a stone building near the Shoeshine Inn. It consists of two rooms, a dining area with a fireplace, and the bedroom with one window facing east.
  • The headquarters of the Watch are in Euper, but most Wardens work from Watch Houses throughout the Valley. They are designed to be inconspicuous and unnoticed by commoners. This means they tend to be small, with cramped poorly lit hallways and overstuffed rooms.
  • New Watch members are supposed to spend three months as cadets, and six months being supervised. This has changed since the Assault; anyone who can volunteer is rapdily promoted.
  • Janelle visits a different person every lunch break, on a rotating schedule.
  • On this day, Janelle dispenses five counts of mean justice, two arrests for low justice, as well as the magic book she brought in.
  • Janelle deliberately plays checkers to always give Kaysar an easy capture, so that he pays attention to the entire board.
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