Scarface I

Name: Scarface I.
Species: Red, White and Blue wolf.
Created by: Scarface One.
Occupation: Archer & Fletcher.
Position within Keep: Fletcher's helper and Field Archer.
Hobby: Martial Arts. Such as Kung Fu and Karate.

Scarface I is a Wolf Archer who also works part time as a Fletcher. He came to the keep only recently, he is good friends with Virmir and is one of Lady Vale's top marksmen. With 200 confirmed kills. He is learning production magic, but never uses it during his job as it is cheating work. He does use it occasionally during battles though. But is not a proper Mage like Virmir. He came to the keep for the sake of joining the army.

As a Fletcher. Scarface I helps supply arrows to the army, and for heroes and adventurers buying them. He is also known for his relaxed and slightly enthusiastic attitude. He can be obnoxious, but only because of his Mental Condition, caused by his magic.

His name comes from the fact that he had a massive scar in battle. His symbol is the Phoenix.

He is very fond of Martial Arts, as he practices Kung Fu and Karate, and has used this as a Melee attack. Usually when he gets disarmed.

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