Basic Facts

Founded: ~ -1000 CR
Location: Ainador on the Yurdon River
Significance: Center of Faith for the Ecclesia
Clerical Ruler: Patriarch Geshter
Civil Ruler: Unspecified


Yesulam is built on a high plateau overlooking the Yurdon River. The plateau has several levels, and so the city is divided into sections dependent on the height of the plateau. Hills continue to the west, the north, and the south, filled with pastureland and sparse farmland along the river's bank. The eastern side of the river flattens out quickly before disappearing in the Desert of Dreaming.

City Sections

Clerical Quarter

The Clerical sections of the city are built on the highest plateau. This section is arranged with the Great Cathedral (St. Kephas's Cathedral) in the center facing east. Wings from this cathedral provide residences for the Patriarch and for the Bishop's Council when it is in session. Typically fifteen to twenty Bishops will be in Yesulam at any one time. The rest are summoned in the event of the Patriarch's death or at special request of the Patriarch.

Also notable in this section are a monastery and nunnery to the north and south respectively, and the Questioner Temple at the western edge of the plateau.

Military Quarter

Adjoining the Clerical Level is the Military Quarter. The largest section is dedicated to several Barracks and Training Fields. Residences for both Yeshuel and Yesbearn are here as well. These two live almost monastic lives with no personal possessions and many hours dedicated to prayer and practice.

Merchant's Quarter

In the next ring out to the north and east is the Merchant's Quarter. Intricate pulley systems move goods to and from the docks along sheer cliff walls and ancient stiarwells carved into the cliff-face. Inns populate this district for the many pilgrims come to visit the Holy City. The northern gate, through which most traveler's will pass, is in the Merchant's district.

Laborer's Quarter

At both the southern end of the city, and in pockets around the north is the Laborer's Quarter. Here live the tradesmen, shepherds, and those who work for the merchant's to pay their way. The poorest live here, though they are constantly aided by the many priests and others come to do charitable work. The city's southern gate is in the Laborer's Quarter, and is used almost exclusively by shepherds and farmers and the few tradesmen who bring wares in from the villages further south.


Yesulam was first founded by the Yehudim to be the center of their faith and worship. Their temple was set where St. Kephas's Cathedral is now. During the early part of their rule, the city and the land knew very little peace, but they were prosperous. They were constantly attacked by raiders from every direction, which kept the Yehudim kingdom confined to the Yurdon river banks.

Eventually they were conquered by the Suielman Empire. The Suielman did not force them out and allowed them to continue practicing their religion. In 29 CR, the leaders of Yehudim conspired with the Suielman Governor to have Yahshua executed by crucifixion on a yew tree. From this moment sprang the Ecclesia faith.

For forty years the Ecclesia and the Yehudim struggled. To gain the upper hand, the Yehudim tried to take control of the city to drive the Ecclesia out. The Ecclesia fled to the hills while Suielman troops came and destroyed much of the old city. What Yehudim were not killed were taken away, leaving the city to be rebuild by Suielman settlers and the native Ecclesia Followers who quickly converted their immigrant neighbors.

When As the Suielman Empire grew weak and began splintering, the lands of Ainador were among the first to break away with the Ecclesia firmly in control. No army has come near to Yesulam since 200 CR. The Ecclesia is its unquestioned master.

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