Wyrd Forest

Name: Wyrd Forest
Type: Small feudal holding
Location: Metamor Valley, southwest of Lorland
Ruler: Baron Fredrick the Pacific
Overlord: Duke Thomas V of Metamor


Southwest of Lorland, tucked against the mountains lies Wyrd Forest which, as its name suggests, is a largely wooded area west of the Metamor River and away from the main roads. In centuries back the Hassan line of Northern Midland Dukes gifted the scenic but rugged location to the House of Arlo as a secondary holding, though through inheritance and splintering of family lines the current House of Markus owns the land. They, however, own no other holdings and thus rely on Wyrd Forest as their only noble title. The barony ran well when it was a "summer resort" of the House of Arlo, but in current times it is a run down, dilapidated holding that has seen its population dwindle and its infrastructure whittle to nothing more than a few buildings and farms.

The inhabitants numbered just over a hundred in a census taken prior to the Battle of Three Gates, but now are believed to number significantly less than that.

Baron Fredrick the Pacific of the House of Markus is the current ruler of Wyrd Forest, though there is little ruling that he actually performs. The Baron spends most of his time wasting time playing with his ability to shift between a toddler and teenager, and is frequently disinterested in the affairs of state, limited as they are. As a result, most of the actually day to day affairs of the diminuitive barony are run by the steward/head of the guards, Griff Sen

Notable locations

Baron Fredrick's Estate - The Baron often refers to his estate as a "palace," despite all evidence to the contrary. While it is genuinely far more hospitable than any surrounding structures, it in fact resembles little more than a fairly decorated mead hall combined with a small manor.

Numerous caves can be found hidden at the foothills to the mountains, caves which delve deep; some have been found to open up into other parts of the valley or even beyond.

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