Tol Doron

Name: Tol Doron
Location: outer-midlands, marigund
Borders: Located completed inside marigund
Type: Old growth forest

Tol Doron: This is a small forest located in about the center of the country of marigund. The trees here are tall, strong and very old and seem to bristle with a primal power. There is no doubting that the forest has some sort of magic about it. Attempts to cut down and clear tracts of land fail as the trees grow back over night. Persistent cutters tend to wind up injured or dead by forces unknown. It has becomes something of a park and wildlife preserve. Hunting is allowed but only if the hunters take only what they need to feed themselves and their families. Dryads are known to live there in considerable numbers and there are reports of the sighting of centaurs and satyrs but that remains unconfirmed. (Sort of like sightings of Big foot). It is believed that these woods are part of the Forest of Aelfwood. There is a legend that says that was once very long ago all of the Outer midlands was covered by a vast forest. But as the elves withdrew so did the woods till all that remained was Elderwood, Aelfwood and Tol Doron. How accurate that legend is remains to be discovered. The most famous of animals of the forest is the Doron Wolf.

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