Tearmann Marsh

Name: Tearmann Marsh (in Cenetl its An Tearmann, meaning "place of sanctuary" )
Type: Wild marsh
Location: northern-midlands directly south of Laselle .
Government: None. Various tribes, clans and families scattered over the whole area.
Ruler: None
Overlord: Technically Duke Thomas V of Metamor but effectively independant

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Located south of Laselle. Suielman road engineers thought to cross the marsh but gave up construction after several miles when the marsh got too difficult. The marsh itself is a mix of swamp, streams, slow moving rivulets, rivers. small islands and mud humps that are an equal mix of earth and water. Interspersed with all of that are islands of grass and brush and dense stands of trees. Any movement through that is impossible. A person would sink up to their hips in mud that seemed to be everywhere. Long known as a refuge. When the Suielman invaded the Northern Midlands Centli survivors fled into the marsh. Centuries later when the Lutins invaded surviving Suielman also fled to the marsh. A community of people still live there. It is effectively impassable to armies.

Very little solid information is known about the people who live in the marsh. Suspicious and very isolationist they have little extended contact with outsiders. They are known to live in homes built on pilings in the water or on Crannogs ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crannog ). But there a some Broch ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broch ) on the few spots of stable, dry ground.

They are divided up into tribes. clans and families and usually live in small communities scattered about. But at least one good sized town is known to exist.


Legends speak of a Lutin tribe that took refuge there but it's never been proven or disproved. But a recent journey through the marsh by Edmund Delacot and his group brought an interesting fact to light. They met a good sized group of the locals and several Keepers noticed them bearing tattoos with LUTIN designs. Specifically ones honoring the Day Father and Night Mother.

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