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The world of Metamor Keep is roughly the same size as our Earth. There are five main continents on the globe, though to date, only one of them has been explored in detail. Two others comprising what is commonly known as the Southlands have been referred to. The following list of places is broken down by continent, country and/or geographic region (arranged from west to east, from north to south), and then city.

For a detailed map of the Midlands see
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Material Plane


Main article: Galendor

Outer Midlands

Main article: Southern Midlands

Outer Midlands

Main article: Outer Midlands


Main article: Quenardya

Sathmore Empire

Main article: Sathmore Empire

Pyralian Confederation

Main article: Pyralian Confederation


Main article: Flatlands


Main article: Ainador

Far East

Southern Continent


Main article: Seas-Oceans

Inner Planes

Outer Planes


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