Name: Sorin
Location: northern-midlands
Type: City-state
Government: Feudal but with some democratic elements.
Ruler: Lord Mayor Grinsun
Overlord or High King: Duke Thomas of Metamor Keep.
Military: Mostly feudal levies serving terms of service ranging from 30 to 90 days. Plus a navy of 50 ships. Mostly for river and coastal work but 6 capable of deep ocean travel. they are the capital ships of the fleet.
Introduced: Raining Cats and Dragons
Author: Terry Spafford

A town affiliated with Metamor situated on the coast, and a merchant hub. As of some time after June, 707 CR, the mayor is named Wiclaf. Previously in the same year the position had been held by Lord Mayor Grinsun. It is normally a two day ride to Metamor Keep. It was raided by pirates in September of 706 CR, which was their excuse for not fully sending aid during the Winter Assault.

Government Notes:
The ruler of the town is called 'The Lord Mayor', but is usually not noble. He holds a position similar to the Lord Mayor of York, who was titled 'Lord' only while in office, unless he had rights to other titles. He is elected by vote of a small group of city elders (male and female).

Notable Organizations:
Sorina Company of Merchants: A Business guild of the most successful and powerful merchant families/companies of Sorin. Started as a direct competitor to the Hansoran League. Not as big as the League it is still wide spread and has offices/trading posts scattered all over the coast and the Midlands. They do more land based trading then the League. Their caravans find their way all over the Midlands including Metamor.

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