Sathmore Empire


Formal Name: Sathmore Empire
Type: Strong central empire with large feudal elements
Rulers: Emperor Prætextatus Aegidius
Location: Southern portion of the continent
Capital: Elvquelin
Borders: Western: Great Western Sea, Eastern: Sathmore Range , Southern: pyralian-confederation, Northern: southern-midlands and Sea of Stars.
Religious makeup: 85% Lightbringer, 10% Follower 5% Other
Real world equivalent: Byzantine Empire
Organizations: Arenul Ceen, Order of the Blue Star - an award given for great civilian achievement in the Sathmore empire.
Military: The Kaligaar Guard: Estimated to be over 2.000 strong they are the troops loyal only to the emperor and protect him at all times. The Kaligaar Guard is the heart of a small, full time army that is supplemented by feudal contingents. The first units of the Sathmore empire were the Suielman units that were present in Sathmore or what remnants had managed to flee there. Many army units still bear the name and numbers of the Suielman legions they were created from and the largest common unit is still called the Legio (Legion). Some confirmed Sathmore empire units are 3rd, 7th, 12th, 32nd Legio. These units are legions in name only but their exact size and composition remain unknown.

Navy: There is also a strong navy based in Elvquelin and Isenport but little is known of it. It is beleived to have around 200 to 300 ships. The main naval base is known to be in Isenport. The main shipyards are there and it had a massive boat shed capable of handling over 100 ships. Looks perhaps something like this (cause it is cool.)

Common is very widely spoken. Common has been slowly displacing Sathmoran as the primary language ever since the Emperor moved his capital from Pyralis to Elvquelin, but it has a long way to go. While Common is the language used at court and in the big cities, the commoners still primarily use Sathmoran in their day-to-day lives. This is particularly true in the central regions of the Empire and along the western coast. But Common is widely used enough that all people do speak and understand it. Sort of how People in Wales (in the Real world United Kingdom) speak both English and Welsh. But Sathmoran is slowly fading, it will never go extinct but by 1100 as little as 20% of the population will still understand it.


Economy: The empire has a wide variety of economic factors.
The two most important ports are Elvquelin and Isenport but there are dozens of smaller ports all along the coast.

Trade: With a long coastline and many ports trade is an important industries. Although competition from Whales is fierce all the ports see extensive use. Sathmore is well placed for trade. In the harbors of see ships from as far north as Arabarb, from Whales and as far south as Kitch on the Kitch Steppe. Isenport in particular sees a lot of trade with the Pyralian Kingdoms. The merchants are not about to let a bloody rivalry and a generations old feud over religion get in the way of business.
Fishing: With countless fishing villages scattered along the coast fishing is an important way of life. The Sathmore fisherman do tend to stay close to shore and leave the really far offshore fishing to Whales.
Farming: In this warm southern clime grapes grow well and wine has been an important industry for millenia. Other crops include: wheat, corn. olives, apples, artichoke, mustard, coriander, rocket, chives, leeks, celery, basil, parsnip, mint, rue, thyme 'from overseas', beets, poppy, dill, asparagus, radish, cucumber, gourd, fennel, capers, onions, saffron, parsley, marjoram, cabbage, lettuce, cumin, garlic, figs, grapes, 'Armenian' apricots, plums, mulberries, peaches, oranges and banana's.

Important cities/places:
Magdalain Island
Mor Coilli
Basic Notes:
The people of Sathmore see themselves as keeping alive the Suielman empire and it's ideals. This comes through in many ways. The rulers of Sathmore used to (and some still do) call themselves Suielman emperor.


Lutin invasion: With the collapse of the Empire's defenses in the north in CR150 the entire midlands was overrun. The empire itself fractured and finally collapsed. What remained of the Suielman government in Elvquelin rallied what forces were left. Sathmore was sheltered by the mountains to the east, which left only a narrow strip of hilly land to defend from the oncoming hordes. Although it was not as defensible a site as Metamor Valley, the Sathmorans fought with the ferocity of a mother bear in her den, while the horde's ambitions were depleted by their already-substantial winnings. Furthermore, the giants were hampered by their inability to survive at temperatures much higher than 80 degrees Fahrenheit; as summer came into its strength, they were forced to abandon their conquests in search of cooler latitudes. The lutins were limited in what they could accomplish without the giants backing them up, and the assault was stopped at Sathmore's edge. Sathmore had survived but the empire hadn't. With the Midlands in ruins and Pyralis separated there was no chance of rebuilding the Suielman empire. Plus the cost in human lives was tremendous. One unit whose records still survive (the 3rd legio) had 8,250 men listed on the roster in cr149. A roster from cr151 reported only 112 of those original legionnaires still alive.

Northern: Sathmore shares a northern border with the Southern Midlands. At first glance the border seems unguarded. The only actual sign being a tall stone monolith. But a closer looks shows an are in tension. The roads are well patrolled and everyone goes armed. People here give strangers a wide berth and their hands always stay upon their weapons.

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