Name: Salinon
Location: Outer Midlands
Type: Nation
Capital: City of Salinon
Government: Feudal Monarchy (with the ruler being called a Duke)
Ruler: Duke Krisztov Otakar XII
Religion: 80% Lightbringer (Traditionalist), 15% Follower, 5% other.
Economy: Agriculture (mostly farming and herding) but there is mining in the Great Barrier range (northern) for copper, silver, lead.
Terrain: Mostly open plains with rolling hills and scattered forests and woods.

This area is located in the outer-midlands and is home to the Duke of Salinon who controls the Outer Midlands. Nominally an independent state ruled by the Duke. The largest of the nations in the Outer Midlands.

Places of note:
City of Salinon: Capital of the country and of the entire Outer Midlands. It is the largest city in the Outer Midlands. As a meeting place of 6 roads it does see considerable traffic.

Ruins of Yerebey: These ruins are rightly considered cursed and avoided by everyone. No one lives within twenty miles of the place and approaches to it are guarded. Both to keep people out and to try and keep the evil in!

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