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Name: Pyralis
Location: pyralian-confederation Outer Midlands
Capital of the pyralian-confederation.
Population: 40,000 - 50,000?

Working description: a large city with a natural outer harbor - perhaps improved with a long, breakwater. And then a man-made inner harbor or 2. For the city itself there HAS to be at least 1 or 2 large cathedrals, a large palace and the like and all surrounded by a large city wall with towers. The city has a Mediterranean feel to it.

Defenses: A large and elaborate city wall. Actually 2 lines of walls one behind the other with a nice, wide, deep moat.


  • Palace district
  • A district for the upper level of nobility
  • All cities (in stories and RPG's at least) have a run-down crime ridden area. Usually down by the docks.
  • A market district with several markets and at least 1 large multistory one like Trajan's market in Rome.
  • Lots of monuments and statues commemorating past glories



  • City Watch (name not set yet) - a combination of police and fire department
  • Some sort of customs & taxes group

Important Places

  • Palace
  • One main (very large) cathedral and 1 or 2 smaller ones
  • HQ of the Cunha Rede
  • Town Hall (or some other cool sounding name)
  • Large Outer Harbor
  • 2 Smaller/inner Harbors
  • 3 Aqueducts and many deep wells for water
  • Army/Military Barracks
  • Navy base
  • many buildings to house all the government ministries
  • Large and elaborate sewer system - preferably complex enough for characters to walk around and get lost in.
  • Amphitheater - Dating from the height of the Seuilman empire. Was used for gladiatorial games but the blood aspect has been dropped. Now used for various sports games.
  • Hippodrome - Dating from the height of the Seuilman empire. Was used for chariot races but they have dropped the chariots and it now hosts horse races.
  • Theater - A large theater. Again leftover from the height of the Seuilman empire but still very heavily used.
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