Name: Portusia
Location: Southern Continent (exact location not set yet)
Climate: Warm, tropics, mountainous.
Government: ** Proto-representative Democracy.
Sovereign:** ?
Capital city: Mayor Esteralle (Translated to "Major Esteralle")
Borders: __East : Rudin Canal, South: Kitchlande, North: Boreaux, West: Mountains
Religious Affiliation: ?
Languages: Common, Portusian.
Society: ?
Military: ?
Organizations: Esteralles Academia Mago (Esteralles Mage's Guild, Mage's Academy.)
Economy__: ?

Important cities:

Mayor Esteralle: The capital city was initially one city simply called "Esteralle", however over time, it gradually grew, eventually assimilating nearby villages and smaller towns into its own borders. Alongside Braga, it is the largest city in the nation. However, it is also considered a separate province, where the current monarch resides. in 610 CR, a decision was made to draw borders around the "traditional city" to assess concerns that the rest of the province would not receive fair representation. Politically, it is a separate city from the surrounding metropolitan areas referred to as the "Menor Esteralles".

Menor Esteralles: The metropolitan areas around Mayor Esteralle. They are not considered part of Esteralle formally, and are run by different government(s). Rather than the imperial province, they are part of the surrounding province.

Mayor y Menor Braga: The second largest city in Portusia. However, unlike Esteralle, the divides between Major and Minor Braga are informal, mostly used by merchants and the denizens to refer to specific areas of Braga. Because the area referring to "Braga" is not capped politically, it is estimated that this city will eventually eclipse Esteralle as the largest city in the country. (The real world equivalent would be a growing São Paulo)

Basic notes: The culture is Hispanic in nature, where extended families living in the same home are not uncommon. The real world equivalent is Spain, Portugal, and Latin America. Much of the environment is similar to South America, ranging from the topics to the Mountainous regions that are much like the Andes mountains.

Similar to real life Spain and the United States, it is one country, but is divided into various provinces which all enjoy the rights to enact and enforce their own regional laws, so long as they follow the national laws.

The government is what can be best described as a proto-representative democracy, while still recognizing a monarch and a royal family. The monarch of Portusia had their power limited after an event known as the "reinado de terror" (reign of terror) wherein a physically ill king was taken advantage of by corrupt advisers who used his name to spread terror.


Portusia is a country in the southern continent. What is known by historians is that Portusia used to be the centre of an empire that included a good amount of Kitchlande and Sonngefilde. (How much is uncertain; they never referred to themselves as a Portusian empire, regions were self-governing if at all, and many of them were rather peaceful. Many have been simply assimilated into the other modern day countries. As a matter of fact, a good number of people in Sonngefilde may recognize at least one Portusian ancestor despite not knowing the language.)

What was known about the Portusian people is that they view a human as a human, regardless of the colour of their skin or their ethnicity. As a result, interbreeding amongst the local tribes, as well as adoption of their cultures was quite common. This kept the region highly stable socially, but this lead to what some would call the "fall" of the Portusian empire. These pockets of interbreeding and adoption of local cultures lead to the eventual formation of the modern day countries around Sonngefilde and Kitchlande. But even then, these countries hold some Portusian values at the core: Most commonly that there is no "Race" beyond "Human". Someone from Irombi, the oriental lands, or Galendor will not receive any odd looks.

Essentially, Portusia is what's left of this empire. They are not entirely the same people (culturally) as the people that ruled most of the continent in the past, however amongst everyone else, they are the closest to them.

In the late 400s and early 500s, an event referred to as the "reinado de terror" happened. King Rafael III ascended to the throne after being chosen by the council. However, the king had started to fall ill, and eventually relied on proxies to handle government officials when healers had trouble healing him. (A future scientist may discover that he had Polio.) Things worked out, thinking this might have been a temporary solution until the king could recover. However, the king's proxies started to give strange orders. Taxes were starting to go up and down, excess foodstuffs were being sent to areas where they were not needed. The military was starting to receive orders to flat out punish people more severely. And yet these were all orders from the king - or so they claimed. During which the king's illness worsened and worsened - eventually he vanished from sight, but the citizens were told that yes, Rafael III still lived.

Things became even weirder and weirder when members of Rafael III's family started to die. Soldiers reported that Rafael III sent orders to kill his younger brother, his aging parents, his cousins, everyone. Rafael III's cousin, Kristina, fled the country after Rafael III ordered her to be buried alive. Fears grew that he had been cursed by some kind of devil, or his illness was corroding his mind. After three years in exile, Kristina finally decided that enough was enough, and Rafael III was beyond hope and should be put out of his misery. She conscripted an assassin to infiltrate the castle and kill Rafael III as she returned to the country. However, the assassin made a startling discovery - Rafael III was already dead. He had been long dead, yet his proxies had been giving orders claiming they came from the king himself.

Kristina immediately returned to Esteralles and exposed the proxies as fraud, and they were all executed. As the only successor, she was crowned queen of Portusia, and dedicated her reign to cleaning up the mess caused by the greedy advisers during the reign of terror. Among these changes was weakening the monarch's power, making it harder to abuse.

Historians usually place the reign of terror at being fifteen years long, but Rafael III had started speaking through proxies much earlier, so others place the reign of terror at being eighteen years long.

Portusians are quite diverse in appearance, similar to real life Hispanics. Tan skin is the most common skin tone, but fair-skinned Portusians are not uncommon by any means. In fact, it wouldn't be uncommon to see a blonde-haired and fair-skinned Portusian walking the streets. Because the people of the southern continent are very diverse in appearance due to consistent interbreeding, it isn't known what the original Portusians looked like. Some scholars believe that they had fair-skin to looking fairly Mediterranean.

The Portusian Language is very similar to Latin Spanish. It is essentially a hodge-podge of the languages that the tribes around Sonngefilde and Kitchlande spoke, as well as what the Portusian people spoke. The languages do have differences, but deep down are similar enough that one could know just one urban Portusian dialect and speak to anyone from the surrounding lands.

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