Os-Var-Khai. A minor empire situated on the large eastern island of Khumar. It is composed of five semi-autonomous city- states; Os Na, Os Su, Var, Khai Hon and Khai Or.

The central government of Os-Var-Khai can best be described as a theocracy. It is headed by an emperor who is also the head of an order devoted to learning about the creator of the universe through the study of science and magic. It is said that the entire ruling body of Os-Var-Khai has subjected themselves to different types of bodily transformation on the belief that assuming the forms of animals, etc. allows them a wider perspective, thus allowing them to learn more about the creator.

Philosophies of government also differ drastically from those in the west. These people hold to the belief that he who serves is greater than he who is served, with the emperor being the servant of the entire empire.1

The current ruler is Emperor Ku, who sent the diplomatic envoy of Wasoko Desuka, Mong Ho and Yi as a gift to Duke Thomas.

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