Name: Mycransburg
Type: Town with a wall and tower
Economy: Farming, timber cutting, hunting and a large brewery.
Location: Metamor Valley

Mycransburg – This town is built in the ruins of a larger Suielman city but is only a fraction of the size. Tucked into the southern half it uses the Suielman city wall for part of its own city wall. Still in spite of the walls the town is constantly raided. After loosing many people to lutin raiders they have built themselves (with the Duke's help) a strong stone tower as a refuge. Most of the people here make a living from farming or timber cutting. It does have a rather large brewery famous for it’s beer.

The town does uses a lot of material recycled from the Suielman ruins. the rest of which have since reverted to woods. Although near the Haunted Woods the town is not part of it.

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