Name: Midtown
Location: Northern Midlands
Type: City-state
Capital: Midltown
Government: Feudal
Ruler: Baron Geoffrey Donel
Overlord or High King: Duke Thomas of Metamor Keep.
Military: Midltown possess the largest land army of the Northern Midlands outside of Metamor Itself. Mostly feudal levies serving terms of service ranging from 30 to 90 days. They possess several regiments or infantry and cavalry. One regiment of knights arrived during Winter Assault and stayed.

Important Notes: The country of Midtown is just on the border of the curse and some of the northern outlying farms that owed fealty to Lord Donel are actually cursed. The city itself if clearly outside the zone of the curse. At least for now.

It is known that Geoffrey Donel is ambitious and wants to be more then a vassal of of Metamor. Relations between Metamor Keep and Midtown have been tense at times. During Winter Assault the Baron was a little less then enthusiastic about sending troops to help.

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