Metamor Valley Suielman

Metamor Valley at the time of the Suielman empire

This page is dedicated to a part of Metamor that is dead and no longer fully exists. The Suileman empire controled Metamor Valley for over 500 years. And even though 600+ years have passed since they lost the valley their influence is still strong. Their roads are still used daily and their ruins are everywhere.

For more on the Empire itself see: suielman-empire
See also metamor-valley for the valley as it is at the present time.

Suielman name for the valley: Maractania
Provincial Capital: Camulodunum (now the haunted woods.)

Map of the valley at the height of the Suielman Empire:

-567 CR: Fall of Metamor Keep. Traitors within open the gates to the Suielman. Most inhabitants killed, many more are enslaved and sent south.
-560: Construction of the Wall now known as Giants dike begins.
+75CR: Valley overrun by Lutins for the first time
+150CR: Valley overrun by lutins for the last time leading to the collapse of the entire empire.

Places in the Valley
Metamor Keep: After the slaughter of the inhabitants in -567CR the Keep closed itself off to the Suielman and it's doors do not open again until Prince Ovid's arrival in +235CR. The Suielman do build a wall around the Keep and a good sized town grows up around it. The wall still exists as the outer curtain wall of Metamor. The towns ruins are now covered by the thriving lower ward buildings. The Keep itself is avoided as a cursed place of evil spirits.

Camulodunum: This city was the capital of the province of Maractania. It had a population of around 20,000 at it's height. It had a theater, a coliseum, and a forum for the government officials. The city was also surrounded by a wall of stone 20 feet wide and 40 feet tall. The ruins of the city are now covered by the Haunted woods. It is haunted by the spirits of those who died in the invasion of 150.

Eupernium: Now the town of euper. The town has a far older heritage than the Suielman. The Cenetl tribe called the Coritani had a town named Cavsennae on the site. It was taken by assault by the Suielman. They subsequently rebuilt the town and renamed it Eupernium. The name has since been shortened to the present Euper. The traces of an older Elven settlement do occasionally turn up but that towns name is not known. See euper

Victory Monument of emperor Antonius Margentus: Most well known for conquering what's now Metamor Valley in -567. He built a massive victory monument in Metamor Valley but it has been lost to time. Where it once stood is debated and it's remains have yet to be found. It is believed that when the valley fell to the Lutin invasion in 150cr the lutins tore it down.

Suielman places covered on separate pages

Other information
Province of Maractania: This Suielman empire province included All of Metamor valley and areas south of the valley. The exact extant is unknown as the surviving records are incomplete. When the conquest stopped at the northern valley mouth it was believed then to be temporary and the Giantdowns would also be conquered at a later date. This would have put Camulodunum at the center of the province. But the advance north never happened and the city was left where it had be first laid out.

Writers Notes:
The name Camulodunum was take from the Roman city of the same name: . Which is the modern city of Colchester England.

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