Name: Menth
Location: Northern Midlands
Type: City-state
Capital: Menth
Government: Feudal but with some elements of Democracy in the form of a Merchant council
Ruler: Baron Gareth Linnell
Overlord or High King: Duke Thomas Hassan of Metamor Keep.
Economy: Trading. As the major seaport of the Northern Midlands it sees a huge amount of merchant traffic headed in all directions.
Military: Mostly feudal levies serving terms of service ranging from 30 to 90 days. Also they posses a good sized navy of 100 warships. Mostly coastal vessels but 10 capable of deep ocean travel and are the capital ships of the fleet. In addition there are usually several dozen merchant ships in the harbor at any one time.

Government notes: The government is run by a Baron (called a High Admiral) but there is a group called the Merchant Council.
Merchant Council: Made up of 24 of the countries most prominent merchants and elected by the Hansoran League.

Notable Organizations:
Hansoran League: A Business guild of over the most successful and powerful merchant families/companies. they have offices scattered all over the coast as far south as Whales!

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