Magdalain Island

Magdalain Island is an island off the south west coast of the continent. It is a small island, only about 300km2, and home to about a thousand people total, the majority of who live in the town of Johnstown.

The island is surrounded by swift currents and various reefs, sandbars and shoals that make it difficult to approach by boat. The only safe entry is into Johnstown Bay, where the original colony and port set up. Originally, that bay was only safe to enter at high tide, but in the century since it was colonized, a safe route was carved out and kept clear.

The mainland is barely visible on the horizon from the island's tallest peak. Due to the currents and winds, it generally takes two or three days for the Ferry to cross between Johnstown and the village of Cape Tormentine on the Mainland.

The island itself is mostly rocky under a thin soil. Some areas have been cleared for farming, but the majority of the island is left to run wild.

The island's climate tends to be very temperate, despite its southerly location. A strong current coming down from the Northern Oceans passes near the island and keeps it cool through the year, though rarely cold enough for snow.

It's initial discovery is lost in history, but until about 150 years ago, it was uncolonized. The colony's leader, John Tobin, spent some time living in Metamor Keep, and discovered the island in his research to find a new home. He recruited people, sailed to the island and founded the Colony of Johnstown. Leadership of the colony, and the island, has passed down the Tobin family to its current mayor, Brian Tobin.

Due to the difficulty in reaching it, the island tends to be isolated from the events in the wider world. The people on the island are loyal to their family and their island first and anything else second. Sometimes events from the main land reach the island, but for the most part, the people prefer their isolation.

The people themselves are lead by the Mayor of Johnstown, who is basically the ruler of the island. Since founding, the position has yet to leave the Tobin family, who have ruled for five generations so far.

Fishing is the main industry of the island, and everything else tends to depend on fishing. The waters to the west of the island tend to contain the best fishing anyone knows of. Cod, Tuna, Sturgeon, and even occasional monster catches like sharks, squid, kraken and octopii are fished in those waters.

Through most of the island's inhabited history, the catches would be brought back to Johnstown and preserved for shipping to the mainland.

In recent years, a magical weaver has set up shop on the island, capable of creating enchanted stasis cloth that can preserve dead flesh for days and weeks without any further processing. This has opened up new markets for the island, as they are now able to send 'fresh' products further on the mainland.

Beyond fishing and fishing related industries, the island also has a small mine for iron and similar metals. Most of the ore is processed on island, but some of the excess is sent for sale on the mainland.

Metamor Keep relationship
Magdalain island is a Keep sanctuary. After Electra was attacked and nearly killed while on the island to set up a trade alliance, Mayor Tobin issued the sanctuary decree: "Any Keeper would be welcomed and be protected from harm from the moment they step foot on the ferry to the island, or on the island itself, until they chose to leave the island."

Since that decree, the actual details of the sanctuary have been clarified, but the spirit remains the same. The island is a guaranteed location of safety for any Keeper who needs, or just wants to be in a friendly place.

Some Keepers have moved down to the island permanently, but in general the population of Keepers remains low.

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