Lypomese Islands

Located in the Central Sea, the Lypomese Islands are an archipelago that lies eastward of most of the main sea routes for trade between Galendor and Sonngefilde. The geography is varied, consisting a few hundred small atolls in the southern range, meshing with and giving way to volcanic islands in the north. The west is littered with a few scattered ancient volcanic islands, mostly eroded into the sea and all dead volcanically.

The most distinguishing feature of the islands in the minds of most is its population, which is widely reputed to consist of roving cannibals. As it is outside of the common sailing lanes, most of these stories consist primarily of anecdotes. What few individuals that have actively tried to visit the islands have been a few brave Follower missionaries, none of which have ever returned. As a result, the islands have a highly negative reputation amongst sailors, and most will avoid it at all costs.

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