Name: Lorland
Type: Large feudal holding
Location: Metamor Valley
Ruler: macaban
Overlord: Thomas - the Duke of Metamor

Loriod's Territory (Lorland) Overview

This territory is the heart of the Dukes domain. Often called the breadbasket of the valley as it holds the best farmland and the largest farms. It’s ruler is second only in power to the Duke himself.

Until recently this area was ruled by Loriod, a corrupt, inept, and evil person. The people were bled dry by overtaxing and cruelly repressed by the thugs and hoodlums who worked for the Lord. With Loriod's (horrible) death phil the rabbit was made the ruler, although he is called protector instead of Lord. Under his benevolent and capable rule the badly hit area is slowly starting to recover, but the task will take the rabbit many years. With Phil having gone to Whales the territory has since been taken over by macaban. The much abused donkey had been Loriods Senchal and Phil kept him on. Since then he has proven to be a very able administrator and the land is starting to recover from Loriod’s deprivations.

Notable locations:

Loriod's Castle - With the death of Loriod this place had been given to Phil to govern. What had been a simple noble's castle had been turned into a hideous, architectural nightmare by Loriod. A nightmare collection of towers, walls and turrets that was completely indefensible. Rebuilding it back into a castle has just started and will probably take years.

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