Long House

Long House is technically not a separate place but is a part of Metamor Keep. But it is a self contained complex of rooms within The Keep itself. It has only one very well guarded entrance door and who gets in is very tightly controlled1.

It contains a large and ornate hall called Long Hall that is the central hub of the complex. There are also countless storerooms, pantries, barracks, kitchens, dining rooms scattered about. There is even a small bath house, an armory, training room and an archery range! It also has a small but very well stocked library containing some unusual books and scrolls.

The armory located in Long House is small but surprisingly well equipped even by Metamor’s standards. It does have a very large collection of odd and unusual weapons and armor not seen anywhere else. No one knows exactly why this is but Misha believes it’s a sort of museum that Kyia has created to house items she wants to preserve.

This place is now the base of operations for the Long Scouts. Every member of the Long scouts has an apartment here including Matthias even though he now lives in Glen Avery. There are also several rooms devoted solely to Sondeckis training and once used by Matthias. These Sondeckis rooms are unique in that they are fashioned from clay instead of stone, which sets them apart from every other bit of architecture in Metamor Valley. Attached to Long Hall is a small room that Misha uses as the official offices of the long Scouts that has an impressive array of maps.

This unusual complex was discovered by Matthias and Misha2 in early July 706 CR and seemed ready made for the Longs and has been used by them ever since. It is obviously very old. Many (including Misha) believe it was created to protect and guard something of great value. What that is no one knows.

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